Amtrak Station Stop - Stamford, CT

I was traveling on the Amtrak Northeast Regional when I filmed this footage of the Stamford, Connecticut station. Besides Amtrak (Acela Express and Regional), Stamford is a station stop for the Metro North Railroad (New Haven Line) and Shore Line East.

As we pulled into the station, it was interesting checking out the Stamford business district, which literally abuts the tracks.

At this point of the Northeast Corridor, four tracks seem to be in service. It was interesting to see some of the signal equipment and interlockings. Railroad maintenance workers were repairing something on the adjacent track, while a open wagon car was tied down next to a bunter.

As we pull into Stamford Station, a Metro North train departs in the opposite direction. Several people are still standing on the platform at Stamford Station even after both trains leave. Maybe they're train buffs just checking out the iron horses.

I remember reading how Stamford is becoming increasingly popular with "reverse commuters" living in New York City. These reverse commuters depart from Grand Central Station and enjoy plenty of room on their trip to Stamford, unlike their suburban brethren who are packed in like sardines.

Every time I pass through Stamford, I'm always impressed. Maybe next time, I'll go inside the station and grab a coffee.