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Development of Transportation a Priority in Moscow

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Authorities in Moscow are pushing forward on major transit system developments this year. A major portion of the city's construction budget is being earmarked for this.

This year most of the funds allocated for the construction of Moscow will be spent on the development of the transport system.

There are going to be three new subway stations, and another 30 miles of roads.

But authorities recognize that these measures will not solve the problems underground.

About 40% of the lines are already overloaded.

Today there is a lack of 120 to 180 miles of metropolitan subway.

However, the construction of new branches will begin only in one year.

[Andrey Bochkarev, Head of Construction of Moscow]:
"We have a task to build 45 miles within 5 years. One part will be the extension of existing lines, the other one will be the construction of new lines. "

Last year places of intercept parking were built in order to relieve the congestion of the center.

Places were built near the metro.

Drivers can leave a personal vehicle here and use the public transport.

But in the whole of Moscow there are only five such parking places, and almost all of them are on the outskirts of the city.

By the end of the year there will be five times as many of these parks which can accommodate up to seven thousand cars.

But other measures are necessary to relieve the roads, say Muscovites.

[Resident of Moscow]:
"It is necessary to increase the capacity of highways to avoid traffic jams."

This year just over 162 billion rubles have been allocated for the development of the transport system of the city.

That's about 57% of all planned construction costs.

NTD News, Moscow, Russia