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How to Make a AIR BLOWER at HOME - EASY to make and Portable

Learn how to make a simple and powerful Air Blower using DC Motor, old CD and Plastic Container.
Enjoy the ART!!

Things need for making Air Blower
1. DC Motor, I am using 3V DC Motor
2. 1 Old CD
3. Round Plastic container with around 1.5 inch depth
4. Plastic bottle
5. 4 AA Size batteries, I am using Eveready Recharge BP4C AA 2100 NIMH Battery
6. On Off Sitch
7. Hot Glue, I am using Mega Professional 40 W Brand Hot melt Glue Gun
8. Soldering Iron, I am using TONI 6 in1 Electric Soldering Iron.

You can by most the above stuff on

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make a Air Blower
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