Making of a Rainbow Swirling Cake - How to Design Rainbow Cake Video Tutorial

How to make Rainbow swirl cake with spatula butter cream icing and color that can make. Whatever the culture or continent, the rainbow will figure in the local mythology. Whether as bridge, messenger, archer’s bow, or serpent, the rainbow has been pressed into symbolic service for millennia. The myriad rainbow bridges and myths built by the world’s peoples clearly tell us more about human hopes and fears than they do about the rainbow that occurs in nature. This unique design looks like something an artist from the “Impressionist” school might have created. Bold, overlapping brushstrokes in different colors combine to create a swirling, towering rainbow. This work demonstrates yet again, the expertise of our specialists when it comes to bringing forth creative, symbolic, and artistic designs for your event. “Swirling Rainbow” could serve as a stunning centerpiece for any occasion you can name.

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