How to upload youtube video to instagram vine 2017

In this video tutorial I show you how to upload a video from youtube to instagram and vine without using any software.

We'll be using the website www.tube2gram.com

"Hello in this video I'll show you how to upload your youtube videos onto vine or instagram
without any use of any software. We'll be using the website tube2gram which I left a
link in the description below. Let's go ahead and select instagram video. So I plan on Rick
rolling my friends on instagram so I'm going to go ahead and pull that video from youtube.
0:32Go ahead and go onto youtube type it in and we'll select that as our video. Once we're
back tube2gram we paste in the URL and we go ahead and manipulate where we want to to
crop the video. So let me just drag it over here.This is where I want it and that's it.
After the website processes and converts your video it'll give you a download link so that
you can go ahead and download it email it to yourself and you can send it to your mobile
phone option over there. Once you have your new video clip go ahead and upload it onto
your instagram or vine and that's it. So once again if you like this video give it a like.Subscribe
for more videos.Thank you for watching."