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Straight Outta Colton: Big Boy 4014 Over Cajon

It was a day I will never forget. The Day Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 was towed over Cajon Pass. We saw sights that made history, as well as met and made new friends. As she made her way over the Cajon Sub, an amazing number of people turned out to see 4014 roll past. The lead locomotive is EMD SD70M number 4014, followed by Big Boy 4014, then SD70M 4884, all with the hospital train in tow. We will also see some normal BNSF traffic along the way, plus an MOW parade.Just think, in a few more years, she will come back under her own steam. I would like to apologize for some shaky shots. I actually forgot to bring my tripod on this trip (OF ALL THE TIMES!) Please rate and comment, Thanx! :-)

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