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Gold Fish Deceases

Anchor Worm - symptoms: fish scrapes against objects, tiny white-green worms are attached to a wound on the goldfish, ulcers
Black Smudge - symptoms - fish has black areas on body or fins which develop and spread over the fish rapidly.
Constipation - symptoms - fish has difficulty passing feces, feces trail behind fish
Dropsy - symptoms - a swelling of the fish's abdomen, sometimes with scales sticking out
Finrot (aka Tailrot) - symptoms - ragged fins, white 'edge' to fin
Fish Lice - symptoms - fish may scrape itself against objects, 1/8 - 1/4 inch parasites are seen attached to the fish's body
Gill Flukes - symptoms: rapid gill movement, fish gasps at water's surface, gills coated in mucus, fish scrapes itself against objects, parts of gills may be eaten away
Ich (aka Ick, Whitespot Disease) - symptoms: tiny white dots on fish's body and/or fins, rapid gill movements
Fungus (aka True Fungus) - symptoms: fuzzy grey, white, or dirty-white growth on body, or eyes
Fungus, Mouth (aka Body Fungus, Columnaris) - symptoms: white, grey, or grey-white patches or fluff around the mouth, white or grey areas on skin or eyes
Pop-eye - symptoms: eyes protrude unusually away from the head
Septicemia - symptoms: red areas or streaks on fish's body, fins, or bases of fins, protruding blood vessels at fin bases, lack of appetite, sluggish or very sluggish behavior
Skin Flukes - symptoms: fish scrapes against objects, fish becomes mucus covered and colors fade, frayed fins, red areas on skin
Slime Disease - symptoms: frayed fins, sluggishness, dulled coloration, damaged gills, death
Swim-Bladder Trouble - symptoms: goldfish has trouble swimming or maintaining equilibrium
Tailrot (aka Finrot) - symptoms - ragged fins, white 'edge' to fin
Tuberculosis - symptoms: weight loss, ulcerous wounds, protruding eyes, faded colors, fins clamped shut
Velvet Disease - symptoms: fine gold dust speckled on fish's body and/or fins, rapid gill movements
Wasting - symptoms: fish's head appears larger than normal, fish appears to be losing weight