MiatriSs - Tell Me Father - FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S Original Song [FNAF 6 Simulator]



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Hello friends! For start, I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me this year. Thank you so much!
I'm talking about you, dear channel subscribers and listeners.
Now I'm ready to present you my new original song.
Quite recently a new game called FNAF came out. It's story hooked me to write a new fiction. You must remember my fiction on the previous game - Lament. I decided to make a new story in the same mood. I very much hope that this song will please you.
Happy New Year! See you soon!

Music production by MiatriSs
Mastering by SayMaxWell
Visuals by SayMaxWell, MiatriSs
Vocals by MiatriSs
Lyrics by HypnoLust, MiatriSs
Artworks by MiatriSs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiatriSs
BandCamp: https://miatriss.bandcamp.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/miatriss
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angrymia
Telegram: https://t.me/radiobunnyinc


Fate's... The maze...
It's so tide and i can not get out
Late... Too late...
Lament shouts will not clear up my doubts

Why, Tell me, Father,
Did you leave me alone
Why did I have to survive
In a cruel world On my own?

Why, Tell me, Father,
Did I lose who I am?
My life from incedent
Is going like in frames

But I hope that
Misery is going to pardon me
And the creator of my life
Would admit me~

You don't have to mess with me
'cause I've no need to get agree
Daddy must confirm
That he redeemed his sins!

Why, Tell me, Father,
Should I have all these chains?
So wouldn't world be brighter
Without your deadly plans?

Why, tell me rather,
Why I can't see the sun?
My loving brothers are
Robotic part of the swarm

Oh my, oh, my little child,
I didn't mean to tear apart
Your soul, your mind, it's my design
To make machines that stole another's life!

I feel confused that my hands sometime made
Inside of me few tons of hate had fade.
Can't ask and wait, forgive me if you please
Entire life will shade; can i get amen?

I would be so happy, but I can't:
I am a monster now
A prison, where I stayed all time
Covered me away

Modulation and inflection
Frightful place, annihilation
Jaws and grip are all around me
And you want me to forget you?

Our feeling, Father,
Are not as strong as think,
We must go much farther,
Imagine life so pink.

But I'm not spiteful,
I would forget offence,
So come give me a hug...
Your daughter is your friend