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Rare daylight run of Amtrak 52 in South Carolina

After years of waiting for this opportunity to come, I have finally gotten the Auto Train running through SC in daylight! Here's a video of Amtrak 52 screaming past Java and Sellers on the CSX A-Line with 2 P40DCs leading the way! After checking the Amtrak status map early this morning to see that 52 was still south of Charleston, I threw myself some clothes on and raced over to Florence to try and get it. By the time I had arrived, 52 was still well south of FLO, so i decided to make my way down to Java to get them coming in. After waiting for about 25-35 minutes, 52 rushes past me doing its maximum track speed of 70mph. Knowing that they would be stopping in Florence for a crew change and refuel, I made my way up north to Sellers to catch them again. Didn't have to wait for long as roughly 10 minutes after arriving, 52 was seen coming in the distance before blowing past me at 70 a few minutes afterwards. Thanks for taking the time to read the description, and enjoy the video!

Amtrak 52 (P052-24)
February 25, 2017
Location 1: Florence County, SC
Location 2: Sellers, SC
AMTK 835 (P40DC)
AMTK 830 (P40DC)
37 cars
3rd Generation K5LA