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Amtrak in Upstate NY 2000 - Part 1

Clip 1: P40 #822 (later to become the Heritage Phase 3 unit for the 40th Anniversary train) and F40 #394 bring a very late eastbound Lake Shore Limited through Centerport with a handful of RoadRailers on the rear.
Clip 2: F40 #245 with an awesome K5LA rushes the westbound Maple Leaf through Centerport, NY, including a Heritage Adirondack Coach.
Clip 3: P32AC-DM #706 pauses at the Syracuse, NY station before heading west with an Empire Service train.
Clip 4: F40 #210 brings the eastbound Maple Leaf into Syracuse. The first order of F40s came with P5A horns and a close up shot shows the home built snow cones.
Clip 5: F40 #245 and its awesome K5LA head east through Centerport, NY. My friend gives a good blast of the Nathan M5 on top of the truck shortly after the train goes by.
Clip 6: F40 #247 with a very nice K5LA shuffles west through Palmyra, NY with the Maple Leaf.
Clip 7: Stay off the tracks and DON'T TRESPASS! My P5A gets this guy to wake up.
Clip 8: F40 #243 heads east with the Maple Leaf near Newark, NY.