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DIY Rainbow Prism LIP GLOSS! Make DIY lipstick to match your DIY Rainbow / Galaxy Highlighter!!

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DIY rainbow highlighters have been all over Youtube lately and I realised I missed the boat on making one! (I had wanted to try it every since seeing the original article on Buzzfeed about the Bitter Lace Prism Magic rainbow highlighter/rainbow blusher). So I decided to go for the next most obvious thing and turn this into a rainbow lip balm XD.

I wanted to use a container that looked very similar to the DIY rainbow highlighter and found an eyeshadow palette in the same shape. I highly recommend using a store-bought lip balm for this because those are easy to find in white which is needed for the diy rainbow colours to show up. Drugstore balm also melts and hardens quickly which makes filling up the diy rainbow stripes a lot easier!

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Hope you enjoyed this video!! Since there are so many diy galaxy highlighters on Youtube, I decided to make a diy lipstick in the same design. It actually turned out much easier than I expected because the diy lip balm hardened so quickly that I didn't even need to use a stove or fridge.