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Coyote Ugly - Dancing Only

This is a video taken from the Coyote Ugly film. As those who have seen the video know there are lots of sexy dance routines on the bar. Those who have not seen it don't worry I have posted them here. The video has 6 dances in total.

(00:00) The first is Cammie (who wears a pink vest top, pink leopard skin trousers and pink ankle boots) Rachel (who wears a maroon, dark red leather vest top and black leather pants and I think black boots, it's hard to tell) Zoe (who wears brown vest top and black leather pants (in the 36th second you can see a shot of her bum). In this video they light the bar on fire and dance while Violet Sanford watches in shock.

(00:44) In the second video they wear the same clothes however only Cammie and Rachel are dancing to a cowboy song. In this video they bang there heels on the bar a lot. Violet (Jersey) is asked by Lil to dance but she refuses and is told to go home. While the girls are still dancing.

(01:11) In the third video Cammie (wears a light blue vest top with flowers (in which you can see her mid-riff) as well as dark blue jeans and black boots) Rachel (wears a black leather vest top shaped like a bra (in which you can see her mid-riff) brown leopard skin type leather pants and dark brown boots). Here the girls do various moves, one of the people on the floor grab Rachel's leg and she throws ice on them to let go.

(01:43) In the fourth video Cammie (wears a black halter neck top, a black leather mini skirt and black sued boots) Rachel (wears a black leather bra with frills and leather pants with a buckle). In this video the girls are dancing and cops come into the bar Lil goes outside to talk to them. While Lil is gone Cammie get caught by the crowd lifted up and moved to the back of the crowd Rachel tries to help Cammie, all the other people climb on to the other side of the bar to get free drinks. Jersey gets onto the bar and starts to sing 'One Way or Another'. Towards the end of the dance you get to see Cammie lying down on the bar in amazement (02:11).

(02:17) In the fifth video Cammie (wears a black vest top and black leather pants) Rachel (wears a black vest top and black leather pants). Zoe (wears blue vest top and dark blue jeans). Jersey (red vest top, a leopard print skirt and black boots) this is the sexiest scene in the video, the girls dance with water and get wet and hot. They all throw water on each other. Jersey's dad Bill comes to the bar and is disgusted with what he sees her daughter doing.

(03:08) In the sixth video Cammie (wears a black bra (in which you can see her mid-riff) leopard print pants and black boots) Jersey (wears a black vest top and black and black boots). In this video Jersey is singing and dancing.

There are other videos like when Jersey performs and when LeAnn Rimes performs and I will add these at a later date, hopefully next week

This leaves me to say one more thing ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY