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Amtrak Auto Train ride to Sanford Florida part 2

As we continue to Sanford Florida we slowly ride by the town of Fredericksburg Virginia. Further down we ride by a CSX freight yard where we see a mix of locomotives and freightcars. Then we ride in the middle of a highway and then shortly after we cross over a huge river with a bunch of huge trees and rocks which was a beautiful sight. It was a beautiful evening for a train ride and at this point we where well underway. We then ride through Petersburg Virginia at about 45 to 50 mph. I then get blocked by some freightcars so I stopped filming. When I turned the camera back on we are seen passing over another river. Shortly after we ride through some trees we run by a CSX freight. Shortly after the conductor announces that we are in North Carolina. Later on the sun sets and it gets dark as we ride through parts of North Carolina. I remember seeing the Rocky Mount station but I did not get that on film. I then decided to go and take a peek at the sleepers part of the train but as a rule in coach you are not allowed in the sleepers part of the train. Then after my dad and I eat dinner again I wanted to look at the locomotives from the first car. Again the conductors where friendly and said that it was ok for me to film! So for the next part we get to ride behind the back of the locomotive for a while. Shortly after we then see the "South of the Boarder" rest area as we cross into South Carolina. So then I decide to look at the locomotive again. Enjoy!

Taken on 8/1/10 and uploaded while on vacation in Florida.