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DJI Inspire 2 Custom Tripod Stand

Doug here from SkyBiz - aerial cinematographers. We wanted to use the DJI Inspire 2 as a ground camera as there are no adapters to convert the X5S gimbal for use on the Osmo. So we made a stand to mount the Dji Inspire 2 to any tripod - Now we can use our DJI Inspire 2 for filming indoors and for use as an amazing ground camera system and with its array of lenses, 20MP stills and up to 5.2K film if needed we won't be buying any other DSLR or camera alternative anytime soon.
Check out how we made this stand step by step. BTW video shot handheld on iPhone 7 in one hand and drill etc in the other so a bit shaky - no comments on this LOL.
I could NOT FIND a stand like this anywhere so hopefully you take something from this. PLEASE PLEASE give a like if you took something positive from this and share video so others may benefit as well. One last thing after a flight with 30% battery left you still have 40-60mins left for ground filming so no worries with that ;)