NYS&W, Conrail and NJT at Campbell Hall, NY

The date is September 6, 1998, the location is Campbell Hall, NY, and we are about to see 4 trains I saw in less than 90 minutes, which you will see in just over 5 minutes.. First train is NYS&W 258 with NS 2516 and NS 8716 and a short train. Second, we see Conrail OIBU with CR 5575 and CR 5537 followed by a very short consist heading to work the western portion of Campbell Hall Yard. Third, we see NJT #82 with NJT 4215 pushing eastbound. And finally (my favorite), we see NYS&W 268 with NYSW 3634, DL 4743, NYSW 4052, and CP 5427 with a long train. I hope you enjoy.