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Funny Indian Pakistani Muslim Wedding Fail Video Compilation 2016 Some of the Epic Funny Muslim punjabi marriage Videos.I am sure u can not stop till u get tears so please watch till the end. It happens only in India and Pakistan the pants and lungi of Malyali groom falls off. Punjabi grooms Pajama falls off.
Viral WhatsApp Funny video of indian pakistani muslim videos. weddings and marriages are the events where Best Comedy happens the situations that happen are Hilarious. The Greatest Humor and Jokes are born out of the unexpectedly funny situations that happen in marriage.
No wedding is complete without the odd blooper. We present some of the best and unmissable funny wedding videos in true Desi fashion! arranged marriage is coming together of two individuals and two families. It has been an integral part of the Indian society since ages. World's No 1 Indian Matrimonial Website with 2 million Marriages, A marriage is termed as arranged when it is arranged by people Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. any given moment can become a viral 'epic fail' online. Marriage in India is celebration that continue for several days. be it south indian kerla wedding or punjabi wedding. Usually around 100 to 10,000 relatives attend. Marriages is the Time when People & Relatives from different places meet & they r in No short of Entertainment from Family & Friends & this time the Bride & Groom themselves. In India, funny Watch & Enjoy.
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