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Tour of Amtrak's Wilmington Shops! MUST SEE!!

On May 5, 2013 I was lucky enough to be able to tour Amtrak's Maintenance Facility in Wilmington, DE. Built in 1903 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Wilmington Shops were the primary maintenance facility of the PRR for their electric locomotive fleet and passenger coaches. Today, the Shops are one of Amtrak's three main back shops, the others being in Bear, DE and Beech Grove, IN. Amtrak currently performs heavy maintenance, overhauls, wreck repairs and modifications to the AEM-7 AC and DC locomotive fleets as well as the HHP-8 electric locomotives. The Wilmington Shops also maintain Amtrak's work diesel fleet. Component overhauls and repairs for a wide variety of components are also performed at the Wilmington Shops. As well as maintaining Amtrak equipment, the Wilmington Shops also maintain MARC's (Maryland Area Rail Commuter) electric locomotive fleet. Soon, these shops will also maintain the new ACS-64 locomotives being built for Amtrak. This tour was sponsored by the Electric Railroaders' Association ( The tour was given by Amtrak managers from the Wilmington Shops. These Amtrak employees were fantastic! They were very friendly and informative. They reflected very well on Amtrak and its maintenance facility in Wilmington.

0:10 Diesel Locomotive Shop - here Amtrak maintains its work diesel fleet
1:11 Electric Locomotive Shop - this is where Amtrak maintains all of its electric locomotives as well as MARC electrics
3:11 Truck Shop - here you will see HHP-8 and AEM-7 trucks
5:02 Components Shops - there are many shops at Wilmington that maintain many different components. These include HVAC units, wheels, traction motors, electronic components, and much more.
11:12 Horizon Coach 54564 - this car is used as a test shell for mockup interiors. Viewliner 2300 is also kept at Wilmington for this purpose. Unfortunately it was getting its wheels worked on so we did not get to see it.
12:46 Outdoor Yard - you will see various locomotives in the yard that are at Wilmington for the moment
14:37 NEC Mainline adjacent to Shops - you will see a SEPTA Silverliner V and a Northeast Regional pass by the shops

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