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DJI Mavic Pro Footage - A Week in California - 4K

I spent a week in California, this is some of the footage I captured with my DJI Mavic Pro! It was also during some record rain, so everything is actually green!

This is hands down the best drone for a travel vlogger! Or someone who wants to always have their drone with them. It take one or two minutes to set up and you're ready to fly and get that perfect shot!


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Big Daddy DSLR:
Flying Camera:
Vlogging Camera:
Older Less Fancy DSLR:
Big Tripod:
Not as Big Tripod:
Flexible Tripod Thing:
Lens Adapter:
Main Lens:
Fancy Smooth Shot Thing:
Not as Fancy Smooth Shot Thing:
Fancy Camera Cage and Handle Thing:
Wonderful Light Creators:
SD Card Protector:


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