National Train Day 2011: Secaucus Junction and Hoboken Part 1

National Train Day has come once again, and to celebrate the occasion, I made a return to Hoboken and saw several trains at Secaucus Junction.

1: Kicking off the day is Train 6923, led by Multilevel Cab Car 7039. ALP-46A 4662 provides the power.
2: Train 7841 pulls in with a set of Arrows. Unit 1320 leads the way, and 1337 is at the end of this 12 unit set.
3: ALP-46 4621 is on the point of Train 6920, and Multilevel Oddball 7002 brings up the rear.
4: Keystone 664 passes through with Cab Car 9650 leading the way. AEM-7 943 provides the power.
5: HHP-8 654 pulls Northeast Regional 164 through the station.
6: Moving down to Hoboken Terminal, we see several sets idling as they await their next departures. In this shot, we can see GP40PH-2B 4211, GP40PH-2 4103, GP40PH-2 4110, Metro-North GP40FH-2 4901, and PL42AC 4021.
7: Train 1719 departs with GP40PH-2B 4211 on the point. Cab Car 6010 is at the end.
8: Train 2112, led by Metro-North Cab Car 6704, enters the terminal. PL42AC 4004 provides the power.