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Action at 30th Street Part 9

Well on Saturday I went to 30th Street Station to wait the Amtrak ACS-64 #602 to show up. It not only gave me an opportunity to film the ACS-64 but it also allowed me to film part 9 of my Action at 30th street series. The ACS-64 #602 I heard was going to be on train 163 from Trenton so I got at 30th street in plenty of time to film it. While waiting I filmed several units in the yard. I filmed Phase 4 P32 #512, NS GP40-2 #3029, Phase 5 P32 #514, Amtrak GP38-3 #721,Amtrak GP14D #578, Amtrak GP38H-3 #527 and AEM7AC #921. Also in the yard is the Amtrak exhibit train. Coupled to it is F40PH(NPCU) #406. The train is at 30th street because on the 14th it'll be at the Strasburg Railroad. Finally after filming the units I get my first train. AEM7AC #935 leads an outbound regional train. Shortly after I film an outbound Acela followed closely behind what might the Crescent ,which is being lead by AEM7AC #908. Meanwhile train163 from Trenton shows up 20 minutes late. Leading the train is not an ACS-64 but AEM7DC #931 on the point. As the train enters 30th street it blows its K5LA and meets and outbound NJT train. The NJT train is being pushed by GP40PH-2 #4203. Not long after NJT P40 #4800 shows up with an inbound train. I also get K5LA horn action from the 4800 as it pulls into the station. Then some Amtrak crewman do a load test on P32 #514 and let me say it was awesome to hear the FDl 12 in run 8. After the 514 load test is done AEM7AC #946 leads an outbound regional. A few minutes later AEM7DC #926 leads another inbound regional. I then get my first Keystone of the day with AEM7DC #952 pushing. After the Keystone enters the station AEM7AC #925 leads another outbound long distance train. AEM7AC #942 shows up with another Keystone. The previous inbound keystone with AEM7DC #952 departs followed by the NJT train with P40 #4800 pushing. I then relocate to track 4 on the upper level and film the Despicable Me blimp circling 30th street. After the blimp leave NJT GP40PH-2 #4204. Meanwhile the P32 #514 is moved to another track while an outbound regional passes the NJT train. NJT GP40PH-2 #4204 then gets clearance to enter the station and the 514 is parked on another track. After that AEM7AC #939 shows up with another regional. A few minutes later a keystone train slowly pulls out and then backs up to the 514. The cab car is left with the 514 while the rest of the train heads towards Zoo interlocking. Finally after what seems like an eternity ACS-64 #602 shows up at 7:49pm towing the test train. it was sure worth the wait but I am glad I was able to film it. I hope you enjoyed part 9 of Action at 30th street.