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Di video mainan anak terbaru ini, Keira dan Charma akan membuka mainan anak terbaru yaitu mainan anak FUN DOH ICE CREAM FACTORY. Didalam mainan ini ada mesin es krim, 2 penggaris cetakan es krim, cone es krim, mangkok es krim , sendok es krim, garpu es krim, dan 3 macam FUN DOH dengan 3 warna yang berbeda. Dengan mainan ini Keira dan Charma bisa bermain membuat es krim lilin mainan fun doh dengan berbagai rasa seperti es krim coklat, es krim strawberry ditambah hiasan topping es krim lucu seperti permen, buah buahan semangka, biscuit dan masih banyak lagi

Hello friends …
In this newest kids toys video, Keira and Charma will unboxing a FUN DOH ICE CREAM FACTORY. Inside the box you can find ice cream machine, ice cream cones, ice cream scoop, ice cream, ice cream bowl and 3 fun doh can with 3 different color.
With this ice cream factory set, Keira and Charma could make ice cream toys from play dough with different color so it’s looks like has a different ice cream flavor like chocolate, strawberry and you also can put a cute topping on it like biscuit, fruits watermelon, candy and more

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