DIY Scratch and Sniff Notebook - Make Scented School Supplies!!

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This DIY was inspired by my last school supplies video where I accidentally discovered that mixing soap with paint made it smell quite nice. White glue has similar properties to acrylic paint so I decided to use that as the base for a DIY scented paint. I actually filmed two back to school DIYs, the second being the notebook in the background. However the two DIYs were too different from each other and made the thumbnail look very confusing so I decided to split them into two videos. So please keep an eye out for more scented DIY weird school supplies ;)!

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It was so much fun making this back to school video and combining DIY school supplies with scent ;D! Made me miss my back to school hauls and back to school outfits when I was still in high school :). Please like and share this video if you'd like to see more notebook DIYs, backpack DIYs, DIY snapchat, back to school DIYs, back to school hacks, life hacks and tumblr inspired notebook ideas.