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Boston "Green Line" train derails

Originally published on March 10, 2014


An accident on Boston's 'Green Line' metro sent at least seven people to hospital with minor injuries.

A front carriage on a Boston's 'Green Line' train slipped off tracks and hit a wall at around noon on Monday, injuring at least seven people.

A second train had to make an emergency stop to avoid hitting the derailed train, and passengers on the second train were thrown to the floor by the sudden stop. Several passengers on that train reportedly suffered back injuries.

Unaware of the accident, some Boston rail commuters became upset at the long delay and lack of information.
But a considerable wait, the Boston Transit Authority brought in buses to ferry commuters along the 'Green Line' from Kenmore to St. Mary's Street Station as well as along the 'D' Line train route from Kenmore to Fenway for the rest of the day, Boston Transit Police said.

The accident occurred at around noon on Monday (March 10) and 'D' line train services between Fenway and Kenmore Stations was suspended for the rest of the day. Ambulances and police vehicles clustered around the station and news coverage showed the derailed train stranded against the wall it collided with.

Authorities say an investigation has begun to determine the cause of the crash and expressed relief that no fatalities occurred. Boston's "Green Line' is a combination subway/trolley light-rail system. It began as a street-car line in 1856.


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