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One Direction Sydney Flash Mob Take 2! [Official Video]

On the 21st of January 2012, Sydney came to a stand still when 200 incredible One Direction fans came together and took part in the very first One Direction Flash Mob! Since then it has received international recognition gaining millions of views all over the world and even being noticed by One Direction themselves! One year on (25th of Jan, 2013) the Sydney 1D fans have reunited to recreate the same magic! Here is the official video of what went down :)


'One Direction Take Me Home Album Mix' music mixed by Tahnee and Mary
* No copyright intended all rights go to Sony Music Entertainment, Syco, Columbia and One Direction*

Please check out our Behind The Scenes/Extra Footage video:

A MASSIVE special thanks to;
• The amazing film crew who captured the incredible flash mob!
- Immaculate Productions -
- James Dobbins Jones and Phil Bates for also filming the flash mob!
- Jessica Adam, Mia Schneider and Correna Mazzacca for lending us cameras and filming.
- Sharleen Kumar for all the behind the scenes footage and being our carrot :) and to Mary Williams for wearing the Go Pro!
- Thanks to Eva Colless for the carrot costume and Lauren Anderson for the amazing L.O.V.E shirts and Tahnee and Mary for props :)
- The Bump (2dayFM) and Angus O'Loughlin for taking his time to come and watch and film/interview us! Aswell as putting a video up on their website!
- Channel Nine for showing our very first flash mob on live television! Thank you so much!
- Thanks to Liz and Nathan and the whole team from Sony Music Australia for all their encouragement!
• And last but not least! Just a massive thanks to all the amazing fans who took their time and dedication to participate in the flash mob and have been amazing people to be around the past few months! This couldn't have been done without any of you!