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Logan Airport Shuttles: Line 33: Airport Subway Station - Terminal C

One of the 6 lines transporting people around Boston's Logan Airport, the 33, is captured here between the Blue Line Airport Station (Boston T) and Terminal C (it skipped the Rental Car Center, as another bus on the same line was already there).

Logan International Airport has six shuttles: 11, 22, 33, 55, 66 and 88. The 33 serves Terminals C and E and the Blue Line Airport Station, as well as the Rental Car Center. The 33 runs during mid-day peak hours.

The 22 serves Terminals A and B, the Rental Car Center, and the Subway Station during midday peak hours.

The 11 serves terminals A, B, C and E. The 88 serves A, B, C and E as well, and the Economy Parking Garage.

Line 55 serves all terminals, the Subway Station and the Rental Car Center during off-peak early mornings and late evenings.

Line 88 serves all terminals, the Subway Station, the LOC, and the Water Transportation Dock.

MBTA's Silver Line (SL1) also serves all terminals before heading to South Station. Both Logan Airport Shuttles and the Silver Line (only SL1) are free!

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