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Gimbal Lock when Capture & D-Log ISO 500 Part 2 Phantom 4 Pro v01.03.0418 Firmware Update
» Continuing on from the other videos about the new v01.03.0418 Firmware for the DJI phantom 4 Professional we take a look at the lock gimbal when capture setting, some other minor additions and look at the response from DJI re the changes made to D-LOG and the locking of ISO to 500.
This is DJI response on the forums:

Native ISO on DJI Forums Phantom 4 Pro:

To explain the native ISO of DLOG, let's start with exposure.

1. Exposure

In the imaging engineering point of view, a good exposure is to make the imaging of a 18% gray in the YCbCr domain to be 0.43~0.5 of the white level. So it's very important that the good exposure is measured after gamma, not linear.

2. Gamma

The cameras for photography traditionally use a standard gamma (e.g., Rec709) to compress the pixel to 8bit for digitalizing. So the good exposure means the linear image after a Rec709 gamma, 18% gray will be exposed to 110~128 if the white level is 255. However, as the sensor technology is evolving fast, the dynamic range of a morden sensor is far ahead of standadizing Rec709.

DR=20log10(FWC/Noise), FWC means the maximum capacity of the electrons, and noise means the noise level of dark.

A typical SONY APS-C sensor will have 84dB+ (14 fstops+) dynamic range. The goal of a gamma and exposure is to preserve as large information of the scene as possible, regarding both highlight and darkside. Whether to preserve the highlight or darkside is up to the photographer's tone. Things over-expsoured is forever gone and darkside with noise has chance to recover by strong image processing algorithms. Therefore, the camera vendors make a good balance between the highlight and darkside, by choosing a proper gamma curve, according to their capability of chip and characteristics of sensor.

3. LOG gamma

The cinematography is different from the photography. Cinema camera shoots RAW with 12/14/16 bits, and the footage is generated mostly by post processing software, which is far more powerful than the camera. So given the dynamic range, the highlight preserving is the first priority. Simply speaking, the camera will shoot a under-exposed image and store all the effective bits of the darkside thanks to the RAW, and recover the dark by strong post processing.

(continued on the forum post)

Download the Phantom 4 DLOG LUT here:

These are the changes that were made in this firmware update on March 07, 2017:
Updated No-Fly Zone Management.
Added lock gimbal function to fix the gimbal to its current position.Added AFC function to support continuous auto focus when switching between scenes.
Upgraded D-Log color mode to extend dynamic range.

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