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B-Train backing

Me backing a Tandem-Tandem B-train into a stores receiving bay. I turned into the parking lot and stopped to set up the video. There is a lumber super-B sitting where I would ideally like to pull in, so I decided the much tighter hole on his far side would have made a better video of the task. Ive been pulling B-trains for about 16 months now and Im pretty proud of being able to pull this off, and I did it in one poke for the camera. Saves me from switching and splitting trailers.

For anyone interested, the freight weight was 11,000KG on the front box, and 6,000KG on the rear. A lighter load of what we handle.

OK, so I made a left into the parking lot and stopped. From here I take the left up alongside the lumber rig as wide as I can to get the tail box over to the right as far as I can. I back up halfway, and go forward again - THIS IS NOT an attempt to dock, this is me doing 2 things - moving the tail box farther to the right - and getting me better sight down the fenceline. I probably could have made it in on the first try, but I also may have squished a fence which would not be a cool video. Then I back up about 50 meters to about 20 feet from the door. Here I get out, let the rear vans air suspension down, open the doors, and the receiver comes out to stop me where she wants her trailer. Then I put the rear down, and carry on my route and come get it later when Im done and its empty.

Pretty stoked, Im getting good at this. Putting a video up to show my friends what it is that I do with my big yellow truck.