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EPIC MBTA/MBCR Foam Fest at Anderson RTC

And it happened all at once. MBTX 1630 (Bombardier CTC-1B) and MBTX 1131 (GMD GP40MC) lead their respective Commuter Rail trains into Anderson RTC as the MBTA Work Extra waits on the siding. Powering the inbound train is MBTX 1117 (GMD GP40MC), and in the consist of the outbound train is MBTX 807 (Hyundai Rotem BTC-5), with MBTX 1638 (Bombardier CTC-1B) bringing up the rear. As the outbound train pulls away from the station, the crew in MBTX C-1 (former CP 434618) fires up MBTX 904 (EMD GP9) and brings their train off of the siding and onto the inbound mainline, running right next to the outbound MBCR train for a good quarter-mile or so. Not a bad two and a half minutes if you ask me.

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Filmed with a Canon PowerShot SX230 HS in beautiful Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Edited with Apple iMovie.

© 2013 Signal Hill Productions