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Train-Spotting: Amtrak: Northeast Regional Trains at Mystic, CT

Train-spotting in the wonderful town of Mystic, Connecticut. A few Northeast Regional trains stop here a day, and all Acela Express trains pass through the station.

These clips span a couple days of cloudy and sunny weather, ranging from scorching heat to bare-able humidity. Sorry East Coast, but the West Coast has the best weather, I'm afraid.

A quick shoutout to the Amtrak conductor at 1:27; we had a lovely conversation while the train was stopped about his job experience, train-spotting and how the Red Sox are the best baseball team in the world.

Amtrak's Northeast Regional runs from Boston, MA (South Station) to Washington D.C. (Union Station), with major stops at New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Acela Express runs alongside the Northeast Corridor and remains the fastest train in the U.S., making limited stops on its 6-hour journey from Boston to D.C.

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