Guy Lies Down on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Tracks for a Photo

Some stupid guy decided to trespass on Amtrak's busy Northeast Corridor (NEC) just south of Metuchen Station in New Jersey at the tower and lay on the tracks to take photos. I called him in to Amtrak Police and he was caught by Metuchen Police (sirens you here at the end) within minutes because the guy actually decided to return to the station. If railfans who abide by the law are going to get called in and stopped for nothing, then the ones who trespass and break the law should be stopped too. Metuchen Police did a great job at responding to the scene in such quick timing. (Taken 4/28/13)

*NOTE TO VIEWERS: You may be wondering why I didn't get the police on film. At first I thought the sirens were just an ambulance going by but my friend pointed out the three squad cars that surrounded the station. Wish I would've got it on film though. They had one car on the side I was on (southbound) and 2 on the northbound side. Officer came up to me and asked if I had seen anyone on the tracks, and I explained to them that I was the one that called and the people they were looking for were right across on the other side. They were told not to move and were apprehended. I believe they got a huge fine and/or the guy in the red was taken into custody because I didn't see him after the police left. I told the officer that I wasn't going to let an idiot like that give railfans a bad name and he clearly understood. The point of the video that if you trespass on railroad right of way yo will suffer consequences.