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Vanity Flair: Expensive Fails (November 2016) || FailArmy

I like nice things, but I also like fails. Put those two together and you get this beautiful video! Leave us a comment below and if you've got any good fail videos, send them over to us at!!

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Original Links:
Motorcycle Bursts into Flames after Burnout
Lamborghini Crashes Between Two Cars
U-Haul Moving Truck Loses Contents
RC Plane Fails during Maiden Flight
Video Gamer Throws Controller and Breaks TV
Large Wave Comes Through Restaurant
Smack Cam Smacks Phone Off Bridge
Kitten and Laptop Fall Off Couch
Man Carelessly Drops Expensive Camera
Car Slams Into House Twice
Driver Swerves and Crashes Classic Car into Curb
Guy Tries to Handstand on Bed
Expensive Car Erupts into Flames
Phone Flies out of Pocket on Rollercoaster
Guy Carrying Camera Has a Bad Fall
Man Hits Walls During Virtual Reality
Golf Cart Smashing Bird House Flips Over
Worker Falls through Office Ceiling
Parkour at School Leads to Broken Water Fountain
Blue Car Tears off Exhaust Pipe
Boat on Street
Dad Pulverizes Red Car
Guy in Underwear Breaks Diving Board
BMW Crashes Head-On into Oncoming Car
At-Home Robot Doesn't Understand Medical Emergency
Man Crashes Porsche 918 Spyder in Resort Parking Lot
Zip Liner Makes Friend Drop Phone
Amateur Sword Fighter Breaks TV
Computer Server Rolls off Loading Dock
Monster Truck Crashes into Ferrari
Girl Drops Phone Crossing River
Connecticut Mansion Fire (Video 2)
Drone Crashes into Tree
Ferrari Test Drive mess
Lamborghini Splits In Half
First Buyer of iPhone 6 Drops Phone on Ground
Car Slams Into House Twice
Guy Throws His Cellphone on the Ground
Video Game Player Breaks TV
Extinguishing Car Fire Goes Wrong
Old Crane Collapses
Car Crashes into Another Car and Dealership

Vanity Flair: Expensive Fails (November 2016) || FailArmy