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Sicily "So Dope" II Sonya7sii, dji inspire

Special thanks to:
@Pete_ohara for shooting and editing this, making me feel so pretty :)

I am so excited to share my Sicily with you. After our trip to Bali, (video still to come together with @thecrazyplatelady @bobbyska @tonyedgar and @thesephyr). Pete and I decided to film a travel video from Sicily before heading to Paris to meet up with @mariathepilot and @flymalin (Paris video to come some time in April, stay tuned, I´ll keep you all updated through my Instagram @pilotmaria

We kept it as simple as possible for this video, jumped in the car and drove to wherever, shot handheld with Sony a7Sii and DJI inspire for drone shots. I have never seen Sicily from this perspective and I am so excited to share it with you all.

This Video is recorded with:
Sony a7Sii
Lenses used:
Helios Vintage 44-2 (find it on ebay for around 30 dollars)

Music: So Dope by Swedish Violet Days

Visist Sicily:

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