Prince Naseem Hamed vs. Marco Antonio Barrera by JwG1

Barerra was comming off his disputed loss in the first fight in the trilogy against Erik Morales, Hahmed last fought Augie Sanchez at Foxwoods 6 months previously. Going in 'Prince' Naseem refused to accept that Barerra was the best fighter he had been up against and said they would be going for the KO. For his part in the build up, Barerra had said that he had no particular fear of Hahmeds power and that he would be on the attack. What followed was quite simply a superb performance from the Mexican, picking his spots beautifuly against the unorthadox Prince. Great, great fight, one of my all time favourites.
1st track- Brothers on the slide by Cymande
2nd track- Bra by Cymande
3rd track- The harder they come by Jimmy Cliff