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DJI mavic pro water crash and recovery getterback

slow mo on the end of video -- Exactly 1 month old mavic pro in sport mode crashed and sank to the bottom of my lake. I was talking to someone and got distracted on the drones flight and i drove it right into my lake. Luckily I had a getterback installed and used it to find and pull it from the lake. I thought when i handed my neighbor the camera he was recording me pulling it form the bottom of the lake but he must of turned off the recording. I put the body and battery in rice for a day but they battery was toast and i didnt want to test a good battery on the drone. But since I was able to recover it I have shipped it off to DJI for my refresh warranty coverage.

The video is not from the mavic. It is from the DJI go app4 cache. The drone was recording the actual crash in 2.7k but the media card export shows a bad file that i could not recover.