#YouAsked - On Soylent; do you still poop? | Joshua Marc Allen

Been curious about Soylent - but don't want to spend the money? Let me save you some!

Follow this link: HTTP://RWRD.IO/FSTYMLD


For 90 days, I gave up food. I lived on a 100% powdered diet, primarily a product called Soylent and lost 57 pounds. After that, I decided - I needed to do 90 days with no rules - just to see if the weight would stay off.

Now, it's time to bring back the rules. For January, February, and March of 2016 - I will live completely on Soylent. No food, no alcohol (and I don't do anything else - so I'll be 100% sober), no artificial zero calorie sweeteners - mainly just water, black coffee, and Soylent.

This video series is following me as I try to answer the question: 'Is there life after food?'

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