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Mainan Anak | Play Doh ❤ Swirl & Scoop Ice Cream ❤ Kids Toy (Game)

Mainan Anak | Play Doh ❤Swirl & Scoop Ice Cream ❤ Kids Toy (Game)

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alhamdulillah kali ini aku punya play doh, swirl & scoop ice cream.. itu lho.. mainan untuk membuat ice cream gitu.. keren deeeh.. dough nya juga aku dapat yang plus dan warna-warnanya juga bagus.. aku suka..aku suka.. ^.^


Play Doh and Hasbro have done it again, another great play set! Now your kids can produce the funkiest fake ice cream and sunny and funny pretend sundaes, as well as sweet and silly banana splits, not to mention all the other extra wild and whacky sweets. There are scoops included to help with this, as well as a simply-squeeze-and-squirt handle or grip which can help small hands in making swirly and twirly Play-Doh Plus soft and lip-licking sweets. Also, let your sweet-toothed kids heap on Play-Doh candy and sweet toppings by using the half-molds which have been provided. Then, the piece de resistance - when these sugary works of art are all set, they can easily and prettily be displayed on the shelves included so everyone can admire them, as there is no chance they will melt away...

Need we remind you this sweet stuff is to be played with but not eaten?

Play-Doh and all the associated products are Hasbro trademarks.
The play set contains the following: a play set which is not assembled, three cones, two scoops, two dishes, two cans of Play-Doh modeling clay or compound, as well as three cans of Play-Doh Plus clay.


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